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Co-Working at

the shiloh Loft

Are you an artist, graphic designer, or other independent professional? Does a shared work space very close to downtown Tacoma sound appealing to you? If so you should apply to work with us at the Shiloh Creative Loft!


We are always accepting applications to share our spacious 2400 square foot loft space. Availability does vary, but we are always accepting applications. Please contact us to see if we have any current openings. 

The loft is spacious with plenty of capability for social distancing. The loft is an open floor plan with enough space for both a quiet work space of your own, and opportunities for collaboration with the other flat mates. 


You'll have an area that is just for you and you'll have access to areas that are shared. Shared spaces include a lounge area, kitchen, bathroom, large work table, and conference table.  

Each work area (see layout photo) is available at the rate of $400/month, plus $45/month for utilities. 1 parking space is available in a secure private parking lot for $100/month. 

The loft provides both a great balance of personal space and the opportunity to socialize with the other professionals. 


We value a peaceful work environment where personal space and property is respected. We like a clean and organized space. We will be seeking flat mates with a similar style.

Shiloh Studio 1.JPG
Shiloh Studio 3.JPG
Shiloh Studio 2.JPG
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